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The Technology

CrisisAlert is an Internet of Things solution powered by a private security network and an enterprise SaaS. Users can instantly activate an alert via the CrisisAlert Badge. Administrators can manage and monitor an incident in real-time, or implement a lockdown through the application.

Our powerful analytics engine captures incident data, providing the information needed to identify and track trends, and identify other measures to increase safety and security. The CrisisAlert application is available via both mobile and desktop and profiles drive specific functionality for Administrators, Responders, and Installers.

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Proprietary technology casts a protective web over the entire campus. In and out of buildings.


Our Proprietary technology allows for CrisisAlert platform to extend to many industries.

The software allows to adapt the application to many environments and unique business needs.


Reduces the administrative burden of the COVID-19 contact tracing process and helps with:

  • Determine which rooms may need cleaning

  • Notify individuals who may have been exposed

  • Protect personal information during the contact tracing process

  • Save time and money in managing school/organization response

How CrisisAlert™ works

Our unique solution is incredibly powerful at getting help at a touch of a button for your entire staff and faculty.

Press the button three times to alert administration when a health or student conflict arises. Or continually press the button for campus wide emergency lock down. Watch video below for details.

Educational Application

Campuses Protected
Public & Private Spaces Protected With CrisisAlert
Children, Teens and Adults Protected
Currently in 12 state and growing
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